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Not to be confused with the Caesarship of Orly, the previous incarnation of this nation that existed for a short period in July 2010

Tsardom of Orly

Capital Memphis
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None official
Demonym Orlian
Government Absolute Monarchy
Tsar HIM Tsar Declan I
Viceroy HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
Established 8 December 2010
Area Claimed Accurate measurement TBA
Population Future census planned
Currency Pound sterling (£)

The Tsardom of Orly is a successor state of the Caesarship of Orly and vassal of the Kingdom of Wilcsland, formed on 8 December 2010 when King Declan of Copan assumed the throne of the Kingdom of the Grove and re-unified the two nations.

The Tsardom of Orly is an absolute monarchy, currently ruled by Tsar Declan, also monarch of the Kingdom of Wilcsland.

Orly was re-united without the consent of the then western Emperor, who had the right to choose a new leader of the Grove. When, a day after the reunification, he insisted to be permitted to excercise this prerogative, the Tsar rejected all claims of Imperial suzerainty over his nation, leading to the War of the Orlian Reunification.

The Tsardom of Orly has, several times during its history, had two equal monarchs, Tsar Declan and another Tsar or Tsarina, the co-ruler of Wilcsland. Similar to how Esmond III was suzerain over the Caesarship of Orly and Kingdom of the Grove, as the Tsardom of Orly is now a vassal state of the Kingdom of Wilcsland, the King of Wilcsland can choose who rules Orly. Although the monarchs of Orly are all equal, the King and co-ruler of Wilcsland are not, and so Tsar Declan can (and has) depose his co-ruler through his position as King of Wilcsland. Orly and Wilcsland are therefore in de facto political union.

List of monarchs[]