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His Majesty
Kieran I & I
Thebes arms.jpg
Coat of Arms of the Monarch of Thebes
1st King of Thebes
October 2003 - November 2003
Preceded by: Throne established
Succeded by: Declan I
Personal Information
Born: c. 1993-4
Macronationality: British
Micronationality Theban
House: House of Williams Fowler

King Kieran I & I was the first monarch of the Kingdom of Thebes, ruling for about a month in late 2003. His reign was marked by conflict with the neighbouring kingdoms of Atlantis and Saqqara, and ended after he was defeated in battle by the monarch of those two nations, Declan I.

Kieran I founded Thebes in October 2003. Small conflicts started between Thebes and Saqqara, a vassal kingdom of Atlantis. A few weeks after these conflicts started, Kieran I led a Theban invasion of Atlantis and occupied the capital, Atlantos. Declan I of Atlantis counterattacked from the Atlantian city of Green Towers and expelled the Theban force from Atlantis.

Two days later, Kieran I led the forces of Thebes into battle against an Atlantian and Saqqaran army led by Declan I. The two monarchs directly faced each other in combat - Kieran I was defeated and surrendered. He was then put on trial a few days later and deposed from all his titles, and eventually settled down as a normal citizen working in the lands of Thebes collecting materials and shipping them to Atlantis and Saqqara.

Kieran I & I of Thebes
Royal titles
Preceded by:
Throne established
King of Thebes
October 2003 - November 2003
Succeeded by:
HM King Declan I