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His Majesty
John I of Saqqara
A crude image of King John I of Saqqara from a codex.
King of Saqqara
October 2003 - November 2003
Preceded by: Throne Established
Succeded by: Declan I
Personal Information
Macronationality: British
Micronationality Atlantian, Theben, Saqqaraian
House: House of Edwards

His Majesty King John I of Saqqara was a ruler of the Kingdom of Saqqara, and a client monarch of King Declan I of the Kingdom of Atlantis.

John I was given the position by Declan I to ensure that Atlantis would have access to materials found in Saqqara, and to defend it form a nearby group known as the Kingdom of Thebes, who also wanted said materials.

A conflict broke out between Thebes and Atlantis over Saqqara. John I only reigned for a few weeks due to problems that this war caused, as Declan I decided to take the Saqqaraian throne himself in an attempt to stop the war, which ended with a victory for Declan I of Atlantis and Saqqara over Kieran I & I of Thebes. With the hostile group of people out of the way it was clear that Atlantis would not need a client king in Saqqara anymore.

John I was not returned to the throne after the conflict, but was instead given important jobs within the new safer kingdoms.

John I of Saqqara
Royal titles
Preceded by:
Throne established
King of Saqqara
October 2003 - November 2003
Succeeded by:
HM King Declan I